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Please try the new Waligie game. Waligie Dark. Released July 2, 2017

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Waligie Classics

Waligie Bros DX (5,323 KB)

Waligie Allstors (32,028 KB)

Waligie 3: On Mars (INCOMPLETE!!!) Hosted by Mario Fan Games Gallery (40,755 KB)

Waligie Episods (2,543 KB)

fun game, in it; waligie (7,637 KB)

Waligie and the Credit Crunc (2,113 KB)

Waligie and the Quest for the Golden Tresaure (3,375 KB)

Planet Earth from Waligie Fans All Over the Globe A picture of our signature dish, the Triple Smoked Platter™, featuring three different cuts of smoked meat

Waligie Wee Edickone by Knuckles T15 (8,160 KB)

physco waligie by Thundered Dragon (4,519 KB)

waligie fort by Chris T. (1,508 KB)

Waligie and the Political Machine by Technowolf (16,702 KB)

ACADEMIC USE ONLY!!! Contains development versions of Waligie games. Please contact our webmaster for more information

Waligie: Masterpiece Collection (147,107 KB)

Waligie: Monsterpiece Collection by Techokami (195,551 KB)

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